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rental calendar

Date Scheduling & Confirmation:

Awarding of Dates: Available dates may be explored by e-mail, telephone or through pre-arranged appointment. Tentative holds per each calendar date will be taken in the order received and ranked in priority as first, second, third, fourth, etc. Verbal agreements are not binding. Dates are only confirmed with signed contract and paid deposit. All formal requests for holds are to be done by e-mail.

      1. When a first priority hold confirms a date, lower priority holds are notified the date is no longer available pending the following:
        1. A contract is issued to be returned within fourteen (14) days with a non-refundable deposit, the amount to be specified in the contract. Other terms may be specified in correspondence supplied with the contract, which has precedence over generalized policy.
        2. Should the contract not be physically received by 5:00 p.m. of the specified day of the letter, the date is forfeited by the first priority hold. Remaining holds move upward one place; i.e. 2nd hold to 1st, etc.
      2. When a second, third, or fourth hold wishes to confirm a date, thereby challenging a higher priority hold, the following procedures will be engaged:
        1. The highest priority hold will be contacted and given twenty-four (24) hours to confirm or release the date(s) challenged.
        2. Should the highest priority hold confirm the date(s) challenged, all lower holds will be notified that the date is no longer available pending return of a rental contract and a non-refundable deposit.
        3. If the priority hold releases the date, the remaining holds ahead of the challenger will be contacted in ascending order. Each hold will be given 24 hours to confirm or release the date.
        4. This procedure is followed until the challenging hold is reached. At this point procedures 1A and 1B apply.
        5. The above, however, does not apply to dates reserved by resident companies.

Just as sub-leasing and “date scalping” practices are not allowed, PCPA reserves complete rights to control all scheduling arrangements, and DOES NOT acknowledge any arrangements that may be conducted between clients or other third parties regarding any intended use of the Pioneer Center.

Tenants understand that without a signed contract and the accompanying deposit PCPA reserves the control of all dates. It is the sole responsibility of the tenant to get PCPA the information necessary so that an event contract and estimate can be issued on a timely basis.

Technical support information and performance schedules must be supplied by tenant. Contracts and estimates are issued immediately after receipt of this information. Users are generally expected to contractually confirm rental dates no less than 90 days in advance, by returning the contract and estimate signed and adjusted for corrections and submitting a check for the full amount of the deposit.

If a tenant receives exemption from PCPA from using the PCPA’s ticketing system or if ticketing revenues, up to the day before the event, are not sufficient to cover estimated costs, PCPA may require the tenant to submit an additional deposit to cover the anticipated settlement charges (or, for the tenants using the PCPA ticketing system, the difference between ticket sales and settlement charges) prior to occupancy. Exceptions to this policy must be cleared by PCPA in advance of signing the contract.

An event will be considered firm only after the rental agreement (contract) and all applicable deposits are received by PCPA. Failure to return a signed contract and attachments with required deposit(s) at the appropriate times will result in barred access to the building on scheduled days of use. To assure scheduled dates, it is to the tenant’s advantage to protect themselves against challenges by confirming dates with contract and deposit as soon as possible after dates are scheduled.

Following the event, PCPA prepares a final settlement (similar in format to the estimate) itemizing all final costs and PCPA-controlled revenues associated with the event. Estimates; due to changes in equipment, logistics and personnel; and settlements often vary. Tenant should be prepared for some variation, but when technical information provided by the client is both complete and consistent, settlement figures often end up close to or below those found in estimates.


Rental Rate Information:

Full rate listing

Daily rental rates are based on user classification, day of the week, type of use, and standard or educational activity.

User Classification:

    • Commercial clients consist of all individuals and organizations not defined as nonprofit or governmental. Exceptions will be determined at PCPA’s sole discretion and must be cleared in writing by PCPA prior to occupancy. This determination is made on an event-by-event bass and should not be deemed automatic based on past determinations.
    • Nonprofit organizations are any charitable, fraternal, religious or other civic group having proof of Federal 501(c)3 status. A letter from the IRS verifying current federal tax-exempt status must be on file with PCPA for clients to receive nonprofit rates. Nonprofit designation made by the state of Nevada may not be sufficient to warrant nonprofit status. Fund-raisers and benefits conducted by nonprofit organizations are charged the nonprofit rate. In general, PCPA does not provide special rates for fundraising or benefit purposes.
    • Governmental organizations are defined as any federal, state, county or city agency, or sub-division thereof which is fully tax-supported.

Type and Day of Use:

    • Rehearsal days are defined as any Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Sunday utilized for load-in, load-out or rehearsal. This includes any day that does not involve an audience, public participants or the client’s constituency.
    • Prime Time Rehearsal days are defined as any non-performance Friday or Saturday, regardless of function or use. Standard performance rates apply on prime time rehearsal days.
    • Performance days are defined as any day of the week when an event or performance takes place. Any rehearsal that is open to the public, whether ticketed or not, and draws 50 or more people that are neither integral to or participants in the activity on stage will be considered a performance. Such “attended rehearsals” will be charged performance rental rates and will require PCPA front of house staffing, including house manager, ticket-takers, ushers, etc.
    • PCPA is solely responsible for determining what constitutes a performance or rehearsal day.



The tenant is required to carry public liability insurance in which the following organization must be named as additional insured:

  • Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts

The companie listed above must be covered. Policy limits must be set at no less than $1,000,000 liability and $1,000,000 property damage. A certificate of insurance must be submitted to PCPA as proof of coverage at least thirty (30) days prior to occupancy. Coverage shall be for the duration of tenant’s occupancy of the facility and shall cover the entire premises, including approaches and sidewalks.


Business License:

The City of Reno requires “all persons or companies conducting business in the City of Reno (to) obtain a business license prior to commencement of such business, whether or not they have offices located in the City of Reno.” It is the legal responsibility of the client to obtain this license, and provide proof of this license to PCPA prior to occupancy in the building. Generally, business license requirements apply to all clients that do not have a 501(c)3 tax-exempt status, even those already conducting business in Reno. If you have not secured a license for the days your event is open to the public, please contact the City of Reno License Division (775) 334-2090 at lease five days prior to your event.


Performance Licensing:

Tenants will not be charged by Pioneer Center for music/dramatic license fees for performance material licensed through such agencies as BMI, ASCAP, Samuel French, Dramatist Play Service, etc. For straight rental arrangements, all such licensing requirements must be handled directly between the client and licensing agency. Proof of compliance may, on occasion, be requested by Pioneer Center.



Pioneer Center supports two methods of ticket operations offered to clients. Any and all ticket and box office operations handled through the PCPA will be using the Ticket Sage ETS (electronic ticketing system). Any ticketed event is required to use the approved PCPA ETS if admission prices are $10.00 or more. If admission prices are less than $10.00, the ETS is offered, but not required. All tickets sold are subject to a $2.00 facility fee. Tickets sold through the PCPA ETS are also subject to credit card fees of 3.5% and a $.10 per ticket charge, commercial users must also pay a 10% Nevada state entertainment tax.

Ticket Sage is Pioneer Center’s official electronic ticketing service. PCPA shall at all times maintain control and direction of Pioneer Center’s box office. Ticket Sage and PCPA will jointly control all electronic ticket sales until settlement. For a breakdown of Ticket Sage service charges contact the Pioneer administrative office. All ticketing arrangements by Tenant must be made directly through PCPA during contracting.

Pioneer Center Tenants, whose ticket prices are less than $10.00 only, have the option to utilize other electronic ticketing systems or conduct independent ticket sales themselves, but any hard ticket sales at Pioneer Center on days other than performance days is prohibited. All hard ticket sales and will-call pick-ups at a performance must be conducted at a lobby station provided by PCPA. PCPA shall at all times maintain control and direction of Pioneer Center’s ticket office. Under no circumstances will PCPA provide staff to sell these types of tickets.



In general, PCPA controls all merchandising sales in the facility. A minimum house percentage of 20% of gross sales will be assessed for merchandise sales. Clients or client vendors must provide all sales labor. If PCPA is required to staff and sell the merchandise, a 30% house percentage is assessed. Tenant is responsible for all merchandise sales and coordinating those with PCPA house staff. All merchandising arrangements are made on an event-by-event basis and should not be deemed automatic based on past event determinations.

PCPA controls all food and beverage concessions and maintains all necessary health permits, liquor licenses and insurance liability.


Bussing and School Show Considerations:

In general, the tenant is responsible for all arrangements associated with presenting events to school audiences and other tour bus engagements. Maximum school show capacity is 1450. PCPA recommends the tenant allow at least one hour prior to each performance for school bus arrival and seating, plus an additional hour for exiting and departure.

Parking for buses must be arranged prior to your event. If students will be arriving in more than fifteen buses from the Washoe County School District, please contact the Washoe County School District Transportation Department at (775) 353-5900 to confirm that they will be handling the bus traffic at the theater. If there are fewer than fifteen buses from the Washoe County School District extra Pioneer staff will be required to coordinate the parking. Please let the Events Director know the number of buses you will be expecting as soon as possible.

Lists of schools with the number of students attending from each school including any special needs students (wheelchairs, etc.) must be submitted at least one week prior to your event. The House Manager will create seating charts from these lists to insure rapid and orderly seating of large numbers of students for time-limited shows. If you wish to seat schools according to time of payment, etc. please include that information with your lists.

We cannot collect payments from schools for you. Please let us know if you will be taking payments from schools at the time of the performance or if you wish to check schools in as they enter the building.


Event Information:

In order for PCPA to be completely informed of your event/activity and to address public inquiries made at the Center, the tenant needs to supply PCPA staff with as much written promotional/background material as possible. Generally, PCPA will need this information immediately following contractual agreement. PCPA must receive copies of all press materials that name the Pioneer Center.


Tenant Representative:

The tenant or a designated, informed representative of authority must be on site when activity is to occur in the building. The representative must be able to make financial commitments and other critical decisions for the tenant. PCPA will not permit any activity to begin (such as load-in) until such a person is on site. Exceptions to this requirement may be considered but requires prior approval by PCPA. Unscheduled deliveries will not be accepted, no exceptions.



PCPA reserves the right to deny the issuance of a rental contract for any reason including, but not limited to, show content, appropriateness to the facility, general community standards and conflicts with other tenants and/or other booked engagements (including market saturation). PCPA also reserves the right to exclude service to any and all organizations or other clients that discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, handicap, age, sex or sexual orientation. Tenants are expected to abide by all city, state and federal laws pertaining to public assembly. In no way does this use of the Pioneer Center constitute an endorsement of the tenant or tenant’s engagement by the PCPA.