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Brigham Young University's renowned Young Ambassadors are celebrating the 50th Anniversary of their first performance in 1970. Throughout the last 50 years, 1700 Young Ambassadors have traveled thousands of miles, visited 68 countries, and met millions of new friends who long remember the group’s fast-paced choreography and beloved melodies. Young Ambassadors have captured the hearts of young and old through half a century of tours. Young Ambassadors continue their energetic tradition of song and dance as they recall their past travels in their new show--Souvenirs. Young Ambassadors feature 20 of BYU’s best singers and dancers, and 10 of BYU’s finest instrumentalists in the Young Ambassador Showband. This showband is conducted by Professor Eric Hansen and features three show-stopping pieces, adding dynamic energy and class to Souvenirs. Come see the high-energy performance! 

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